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Finals, Term Papers, Graduation?!

by creed on May 3rd, 2014

Hi Everyone,

As you all know…classes are coming to an end and the end of semester jitters are sky-high.  Because of all the snow days, M/W classes are officially ending on Monday, May 12th, but some professors are not following that mandate. So for some of you, last day of M/W classes are May 7th!

I wish everyone luck with their papers and finals, and most importantly, I hope those who are graduating are able to get into the graduate school of their choice…or have a job lined up!  It’s a bit stressful to think of papers, finals, job applications, and graduating all at the same time, but I know that as Stony Brook students we have been prepared for everything!

If you one of those graduating seniors, like myself, here are just some tips:

  1. Classes are almost over, don’t let that senioritis control you…go to class!
  2. Make sure you have your cap/gown, commencement tickets and/or senior ball tickets
  3. Thank your family, friends, advisors, professors, or anyone else who has helped you on your college journey
  4. PREPARE and EDIT your job or graduate school applications in advance and make sure someone looks it over to eradicate mistakes
  5. IF you haven’t already…visit the Career Center for all your career concerns (resume, cover letter, interviews, business cards, networking, graduate school…and more!)
  6. RELAX – you did it! Graduation in 3 weeks!

Woot! Go SBU Class of 2014!

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