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Emily Nocito: The (Green) Jersey Girl

by ericarunsamerica on March 26th, 2014

Hey Stony Brook!

It’s time yet again to highlight another Sustainability Studies Program Student of the Month!

In this edition, I’d like to draw attention to a hardworking Coastal Environmental Studies (COS) major and Ecosystems and Human Impact (EHI) minor:

Emily Nocito!

Born and raised in South Orange, today this Jersey girl can be found practicing archery (but not hunting), attending Dr. Who conventions all around the nation, and serving as the Hillel’s Women’s Wellness Coordinator, in her spare time.

Some of her study-related activities include working in Dr. Sharon Pochron’s Earthworm Ecotoxicology Lab, serving on the e-board of the Friends of Fire Island National Seashore, and attending SBU Environmental Club meetings.

From a young age, Emily developed a strong love of the outdoors, often hiking with her father in her town’s nature preserve. However, it was not until she enrolled in AP Environmental Science in high school that she considered environmental science as a career path. As Emily puts it, “My AP Environmental class really opened my eyes [up] to issues that otherwise would not be on my radar.” Inspired to solve some of the issues she learned about in class–climate change, deforestation, species extinction, pollution–Emily graduated from Columbia High School in her hometown determined to make a positive impact on the Earth.

Initially at SBU, Emily enrolled as a Marine Sciences (MAR) major. Later, she changed to the Sustainability Studies Program’s COS major, desiring a major which more heavily incorporated environmental science with humanities and career leadership skills classes into the curriculum. More recently, Emily added the EHI minor, also part of the Sustainability Studies Program, so that she could learn more about the interaction and intersection of humans and the environment. Honing in on a career in restoration ecology (in particular, of the marine environment), this course of study is the perfect formula for success!

Emily finds further purpose in attending environmental events and rallies. She finds the educational aspect of such events to be one of their most important features, as they enable people who may not know much about a given issue to learn more. At such events, Emily enjoys meeting and talking to new people, which she says is pretty easy, especially because “the people [she meets] at such functions have something in common immediately: environmentalism. In fact, the diverse environment of events and rallies mirrors both her educational goal and lifestyle: to learn as much as possible in a wide variety of different areas; a philosophy she hopes to impart on others. As Emily puts it, “We can learn from one another because there are so many different faces of it: science, philosophy, law, and writing.”

In our books, this Jersey Girl has achieved #supergreenstatus!

Thank you, Emily, for making a difference.

peace. love. run.




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