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I’m Back (Part II)

by ali on August 28th, 2013

Hey Guys!

My name is Ali Syed and I excited to blog for my third straight semester! I am currently a senior in the Honors College here at SUNY Stony Brook. I am majoring in Biology (neuroscience specialization) and Sociology and minoring in International Studies and Adapted Aquatics. For everyone who is starting off at SBU, I wish that you have the same enjoyment that I did. As for all the prospective students out there, I hope you seriously consider applying to Stony Brook!

Since this is my first blog of the semester, I just want to talk about my summer and how Stony Brook made it great! During late May/early June, I went to Ghana as a volunteer with Stony Brook Global Medical Brigades, a student-run organization on campus. Every year, SBU GMB takes a a large group of students to two of the four countries of Ghana, Panama, Honduras, and Nicaragua. I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the students to go to Ghana. We stayed there for two weeks and were part of a “mobile clinic” that went to a rural village that sought to provide sustainable health care and health awareness. I met a lot of great children there and hope to return next summer as well. Once again, this is a student-run group and this organization is just one example of the plethora of student groups on campus where students create initiatives to not just make an impact locally, but globally as well.

Speaking of student-run organizations, I am also looking forward to the future projects of an organization me and friends started, SB SHINE (Student Health Initiative to Network and Educate), a volunteer organization that seeks to promote health care awareness at Stony Brook and the neighboring community. Last semester we worked on certain projects including raising funds for Stony Brook Sunrise Fund, which seeks to help children with cancer, and we also started a partnership with Little Flower, an orphanage in Wading Rivers.

Another great part of my summer was that I was selected to be a recipient of the URECA (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities) Grant. I received a research grant to aid in my research thesis of breast cancer attitudes and awareness among South Asian immigrants on Suffolk County, Long Island.  I think it is really impressive that our university provides undergraduate students with funding to aid in their research not just in the natural sciences but in topics of sociology and the humanities. I will be presenting my research at the Spring URECA research symposium.

Anyways, I just want to conclude with a short comment on the great advisors here at Stony Brook that are always here to help. Whether you are a new student or seasoned senior, these advisors truly commit their times into making our experiences at SBU wonderful. In all, I look forward to meeting new students this semester and look forward to blogging often. Till then take care!


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