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First Day of a New Year at Stony Brook!

by sadelson on August 24th, 2013

Hello everyone! Yesterday marked the first day of a new year at Stony Brook, and that means a whole new class of first-year students, fun times, new opportunities to explore, and so much more. My goal this year is to give all of you prospective students the best image of life here on campus, because there is so much going on each and every day!

As with every student’s first steps on campus on their very first day, it begins with packing boxes and suitcases filled with all of their belongings at home, packing the car until it is impossible to see through the rearview mirror, driving to Stony Brook University, spending over an hour finding a place to park, finally finding a place to park, unloading everything that you packed into your car, transporting everything to your room, and, finally, spending hours upon hours unpacking all of your belongings and making your new room home-like. Wow, that was a lot. But do not fret, for the Welcome Wagon Volunteers are here to make your move-in experience much less stressful. The volunteers are returning students who were in the same position you are, but years ago, and want to ensure that your move-in experience is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Here are a few pictures from this year’s Welcome Wagon!

The Stony Brook Dance Team getting people pumped up as they *try* to find their rooms

Parents, Students and Welcome Wagon Volunteers unpacking on Engineering Drive

Welcome Wagon Volunteers doing what they do best, and having fun!

Two of our proud Welcome Wagon Volunteers!

While there is so much going on during opening weekend, and I will do my best to highlight a few of those things tomorrow, something new students may not appreciate as much as I, and other returning students, do is the opening of the West Side Dining Hall! After years of construction it has finally been completed. When I walked in for the first time yesterday (I waited outside early in the day to ensure that I was the first student inside, with my friends) you could already tell that this was the most beautiful dining hall on campus. The exterior is entirely windows creating for such a beautiful view, there is a fully visual kitchen creating for an atmosphere, and the variety of food, and how delicious it actually was, makes this the number one go-to for food location on campus!

Bob’s BBQ, one of the food offerings at West Side Dining Hall

This is me, haha. I was the first customer at the West Side Dining Hall!

That is all for now, folks! The weekend has only just begun, and there is so much more to explore. Other things that have gone on was the ‘First Night Out,’ where there was bouncy houses, games, music, and free giveaways outside the Academic Mall. It was a really great time for the first-year students! Until next time, current and prospective Seawolves!

- Steven Adelson

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