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Study Abroad… in China!

by sadelson on July 1st, 2013

Hello there everyone!


It has been just over a week since my return from my Study Abroad travels this summer, and I have to say that my experience in CHINA was absolutely incredible, memorable, and life-altering. Stony Brook University offers one of the most diverse and expansive study abroad programs, with programs provided for every semester, to some of the most fascinating, and culturally and historically enriching nations across the globe. When I first went on the Stony Brook Study Abroad website, which can be found here (please copy and paste into a new browser), I was overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, but when my eyes met with ‘China,’ I knew where I was headed.


I have had a fascination with China for quite some time, and it began a number of years ago when I first began to self-study China history and culture. During my studies, I stumbled upon the photograph of a giant panda, and following the reading of its cultural significance to China and to the global community, my love for a nation grew. I applied for the study abroad program straight away, and I did not even tell my parents about it beforehand! Of course they were not very pleased about me doing it behind their backs, they were happy when I learned that I had been accepted to the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, on a scholarship from the Chinese government! Not only would I be studying abroad in one of my favorite nations, but I would be doing so in an economically-friendly state of mind.


On May 25th, I hopped onto a plane from New York to China, with the total flight being thirteen hours. And once I arrived in Beijing, I took an eight hour train ride to Wuhan, in the Hubei province, where the university was located. While the travel was frustrating, and I did smell quite a bit by the time I arrived in Wuhan, it was absolutely and undeniably worth the time and lack of sleep. From the moment I stepped off from the bus with my luggage, there were numerous volunteers there ready to assist me in carrying my luggage to my dorm room and getting affiliated with the university.


This is an image of the Three Gorges, in Yichange China.

I will go in to more detail about my travels and cultural experiences in the next blog!


During my three-week stay at the university, I took two courses: (1) Beginners Mandarin, and (2) Chinese History and Culture. I loved both courses, for each provided stimulation for a different interest of mine. The beginners Mandarin course allowed me to finally begin learning a language I had been fascinated with for quite some time but never had an opportunity to explore, and the Chinese history and culture course supplemented all that I had self-studied in years past, and I was finally going to have an opportunity to explore firsthand what I was studying and had studied, in China! The most worrisome portion of these courses was the much-anticipated final examination, which, by the way, ended up being very manageable and did not pose any sort of negative burden on my experience.


I will definitely discuss more about my cultural experience in China, as well as a couple of goals I had when I first arrived to China, in my next blog post, which I promise to post shortly! It is a new year, and I am very dedicated to providing you all with the most knowledge possible when it comes to Stony Brook University and what it has to offer its students. Study abroad is definitely something all students should consider, no matter their major, during an intersession, because you have DEC requirements to fulfill and many of these study abroad programs allow you to complete some of them.


Thank you, and go Seawolves! :)

Steven Adelson

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