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How to survive the CEAS

by eengoron on April 21st, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today I would like to post about CEAS or The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

For those of you who don’t know, CEAS is home to seven academic departments on campus. Those departments are: Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Technology and Society.

While CEAS may just seem like a name more than an experience, CEAS provides us engineering majors with the opportunities of a lifetime. Within CEAS there are many research opportunities to undertake that are unavailable anywhere else. For example, thanks to CEAS, I work in the world’s first virtual reality cube pictured below. Along with these research opportunities, CEAS allows us engineering majors to be exempt from some DECs (not half bad if you ask me ;) ).

CEWIT Virtual Reality Deck

But more than CEAS itself, I want to write this post about the people that work within CEAS. Those faculty and staff members have truly helped me succeed here at Stony Brook University. They truly care about each and every student that walk through their doors.

When I was a freshman, I had one dream I wanted to accomplish before I left Stony Brook University. I wanted to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan. Being fluent in Japanese, I figured that study abroad was the next logical step in my academic career. However, one of the obstacles holding me back was the intense course load of computer science. There were so many courses to take before I graduated, I didn’t even think study abroad was possible. One day, I went into CEAS academic advising distraught, thinking I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dream. However, when I spoke with a CEAS academic advisor, they reassured me that study abroad was indeed possible. That advisor even helped me lay out my schedule from freshman until senior year that would allow me to study abroad and accomplish everything that I wanted to while still graduating on time. That advisor truly cared about my ambitions and reassured me that SBU was the right place to be.

It is the opportunities, faculty, and advisors mentioned above that make me proud to be a seawolf. You are really never alone in this academic journey. With a little help from your advisors, your professors, and even your friends, you will be able to survive the CEAS and succeed here at SBU.

Until next time.


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