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My Stony Brook Experience

by Emily on February 18th, 2013

I’m not the typical Stony Brook student. I didn’t dream of coming here throughout my senior year, and to be honest, I only transferred here from my home state of Iowa after putting my finger on a map and this being the closest SUNY. Coming into Stony Brook back in 2010, I didn’t know what a Seawolf was or how to ride the LIRR. Honestly, I was beyond confused I was to live in Irving College but still be a student at Stony Brook University. During my first year here, and the following year I took off to do an internship with the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, I grew. I grew more than in my four years of high school, my first year of college at the University of Iowa, and more than the summer approaching my move to Stony Brook combined. And in that growth, during these last few years, I’ve realized so much about myself and about this campus community.

Stony Brook is special. It’s only about 50 years old, a baby compared to my 150 year old first school. Every day I spend here, every moment I wake up and realize I’m a Seawolf, I challenge myself to embrace the fact that this is a special place, that these students, the programs we put on today will pave the path for the generations of Seawolves who follow. In these last few years, I’ve realized the value behind each and every day, and have found pride in enjoying the little things. Giving out high fives on a Friday, candy ‘just because’ on a groggy Monday morning, and painting facepaint on all of my friends’ faces for a Sunday afternoon Women’s Basketball game have grown to define who I am.

Not only do I enjoy life as a whole, but the fact that my life right now is able to be spent on this campus and as a Seawolf is what gets me out of bed each day even when there’s two feet of snow on the ground. In these last few years, I’ve grown to become something special, to enjoy life more than many people could ever imagine, and it is that growth, that passion, that love of life that make me excited about every single day on this campus, every moment with my Stony Brook community.

It makes me proud to say: I am a Seawolf.

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