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Tough Decisions

by Pratha on January 30th, 2013

Over the next few weeks you guys will be making some tough decisions, and so will I. But of course they are drastically different. Your choices are more along the lines of: “What college should I go to? What major should I pick? What kind of housing do I want? Do I want to go to the same school as my best friends/boyfriend/girlfriend?”

My options are: to continue rowing OR to train for my marathon without crew, earn money doing a job I really love, and maintain a good sleep schedule. I know this sounds like an easy choice; obviously if there were no emotional strings attached to crew, it would truly be easier to to accomplish everything else without having to wake up so early and practice everyday. But alas, there are always roadblocks, and mine is my passion for the sport.

Before I continue on, I just want to say that I know your decisions are hard, I’ve been there. But whatever decision you make, you might need to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself, and know that wherever you go off to in the fall, doesn’t mean you’re stuck there.

In a way, I feel like if I quit crew for this semester, I’ll be opening up a whole new chapter in my life…almost like what you do after a break-up, which sounds like a ridiculous comparison, but that’s just how strong the bonds are between the people on this team. On the other hand, if I continue, I might make my semester extra hard, and I’d be preventing myself from earning some good money–every college student could use some more money! I know I have to think about this more, and I’m really on the imaginary line dividing what I wanna do from what would be easier, but it’s just not a simple decision.

These kinds of  life-changing decisions are always hard to make, but once you make them you have to be completely on board. No regrets, but being scared and worried is totally okay. Whatever happens is for the best, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Go ahead, be like Ted Mosby, take out your yellow legal pad and make a Pros and Cons list.

Until next time,  Happy Pondering!


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