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What we can learn from Kanye West

by ali on January 23rd, 2013

Hey guys!

School starts in a week. This time of the year is pretty stressful for high school students; finishing up their applications and in some cases, receiving notifications. For us college students, its time for buying books and waking up early again. I figured, in accord to the New Year’s Spirit, to give five main points of advice to high school students awaiting college responses and how to deal with college rejection.

1) Relax

Many students awaiting decisions are often anxious. They become consumed with unnecessary stress. Honestly, just relax. You have already submitted your applications- for the most part, there is nothing you can do. Just relax. Harvard University does not have a stress monitor implanted within you to determine if your stress level is adequate enough to deem acceptance. Take a breather. Do some yoga. Play basketball. Watch a Bollywood movie.

2) It’s not the end of the world

One part of the college application cycle which is the most daunting to students is rejection. Students feel being rejected is literally ‘the end of the world.’ No. It really isn’t. The sky does not tear apart as you tear open your rejection letter.  Trust me, I also felt it was the end of the world when I got rejections. I truly thought I would not be able to pursue my career goals. Boy, was I far from wrong.

3) Things happen for a reason

This is perhaps my personal edict. I truly believe things happen for a reason. Trust me, here is my personal story: I graduated high school as salutatorian. I wont say my SAT scores for personal reasons, but I assure you they were ‘mad’ high. I applied to a few ridiculously competitive schools and was rejected from all of them. I felt horrible and felt like a failure. I did not intend to come to Stony Brook at the time, but it was between SBU and NYU (Free Vs $50,000). You can assume I chose SBU since I am here blogging about this with you. So yea, to be honest, I did not intend to come here. But it for some reason, it just clicked. I felt at home. I made new friends and met my best friend, who I strongly believe is the BEST PERSON IN the world. I got to meet awesome professors and advisors who have been like friends to me (Another shout out to Professor David Maynard). The diversity here made me feel like home. I learned so much out of the classroom through experiences than I did inside. One semester into Stony Brook, I really thank God I was rejected from where I was because I got the opportunity to be here. Like I said, things happen for a reason. Just stick it out and your patience will be rewarded.

4) Who cares about other people?

Yes, really!!! Who cares about other people. When I graduated, I was the only kid in the top 5 ranked kids who did NOT get into an ivy-leaugue school. I felt bummed and once again bad. Mostly because I was jealous and comparing myself to others. If I had a time machine, I would go back and slap myself and tell the old me to not care about other people and just worry about myself. Granted they got into somewhere prestigious, but hey, if I work hard and become super-successful, perhaps I can be the one who gives Stony Brook a huge reputation across the world. Dream Big! Dont dream about others. Also for the side note, I am FB friends with the other 4 kids, turns out, I am doing much better than all of them :)

5) It’s life

It’s life. Stuff happens. It’s about how you cope with falling down. Life is not easy. Life is not perfect. So just enjoy the ride and relax. If you do not get into your top school, it’s fine. Lift your chin up and make your self so ‘mad’ successful, that the entire world will know your name and the college you went to. Not the college you got rejected from. As the Great Kanye West once said, “If you got the opportunity to play the game of life, appreciate every moment.” ( Yes he said that)

Till next time…Peace!

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