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Time to hit SUBMIT!

by kellym on January 15th, 2013

It’s application deadline day for the Fall 2013 freshman class! Today’s the day to get that application in.

December and January can be a bit of a whirlwind, with the holidays, the new year and all the associated festivities.  Add in midterm exams and all the final details of the college application process, and its enough to make anyone dizzy.  But this is one deadline you don’t want to miss!  There are tons of great reasons to apply to Stony Brook–the exceptional academics, the excellent value, the prime location–but here are a few extras: my own top five reasons to make sure you hit SUBMIT!

1. the diverse student body

We have students from all over the country and all over the world here on campus every day, which makes for an amazing college environment, both academically and socially.  Collaborating and conversing with students from different backgrounds and perspectives has enriched my learning experiences and encouraged me to think about global issues from new viewpoints.  And I’ve developed some great friendships!  It’s great to have connections worldwide!

2. the AWESOME new student recreation center

I used to hate going to the gym.  That was before I met the new student rec center.  There are tons of cardio machines, so even when its crowded there is always equipment available, and everything is state of the art!  Every machine has its own TV with on-demand programs, live radio, and an iPod charger!  You can even track your workouts using your student ID number.  In addition, there is an indoor track, basketball, racquetball, badminton, and other courts, and studios for fitness classes.  The best part: it’s all FREE!  Many universities charge a membership fee for their gyms, but SBU allows all students to utilize the facilities free of charge, and offers a full schedule of aerobics, yoga, and other classes too!

3. the train station right on campus

Having an LIRR station on campus is SO convenient–you can just hop on a train straight to NYC!  The train will also take you to Port Jefferson, Smithtown and other local areas to explore!

4. the new Red Mango

Fro-yo lovers, rejoice!  A brand new Red Mango cafe is opening this semester as part of Campus Dining offerings–that means you can use your meal plan!  Dining options may not seem like the most important factor in choosing a college, but since you’ll be eating meals on campus almost every day, they are definitely worth considering.  Class of 2017, you have even more variety coming your way with the renovated West Side Dining , which is also slated to open this spring.

5. super-cool campus traditions

Now that the spring semester is almost here, I start to get excited about our awesome spring traditions.  My two favorites are Strawberry Fest and EarthStock.  You can read all about them here.

Here’s a bit more good news for you freshman applicants: we need your application by today, but you have until February 1st to submit your supporting documents (SAT scores, transcripts, etc.).  So don’t stress!  Just make sure to hit SUBMIT before midnight tonight!

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