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Winter Break!

by Pratha on December 21st, 2012

Wow! It’s been almost a whole month since I last blogged. Sorry guys! I’ve been very busy with OOSSA stuff and finals! Even now when the semester is over, finals are over, and I’m back home in MA, the work continues.

Winter break is the opportune time to start applying for summer positions, whether it be research programs or internships.  (Right now, I have 5 tabs open, each containing information about different summer programs I want to apply to, but here  I am procrastinating work by blogging about it). Actually what I put in parenthesis is a pretty important topic, more on that later. During finals week, my fabulous OOSSA VP organized an event at the Career Center where the director, Marianna Savoca, talked to us about summer internships and how to get ahead. We reviewed resumes and even looked at online e-portfolios! If you haven’t heard about them yet, it’s really something to look into making! (I will be making mine over the next few weeks!) Here’s one that I really like, it’s actually one of my friend’s. Another great online networking tool is Linked-in, again I have not yet made mine, but I will shortly!

Back to the other thing I brought up; procrastinating some work by doing other work. It’s actually a really good way to get things done. Like right now, for example, I know that I should be writing essays about why  I want certain research positions, or why I should be given a certain scholarship, but instead I’m finally cracking down and blogging- something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple weeks. It’s a skill I’ve learned over my years in college; I like to call it productive procrastinating.

All of you high schoolers who are waiting and waiting anxiously for college decisions, don’t worry it’l come  when it comes. Don’t let it ruin your vacation. And when family members ask you what schools you’ve applied to, don’t feel obligated to tell them. I know when I was a senior, I didn’t want to tell anyone where I applied out of fear of being rejected from the school and having to tell them. Just brush it off and say, “I’m still waiting to hear back from the schools I applied to, but until then I don’t really want to talk about it.” They’ll back off when they see you really don’t want to discuss it further.  Enjoy your winter break! :)

Happy Holidays!


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