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Happy Belated Thanksgiving

by ali on November 24th, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksigiving!

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy Thanksgiving Break. With school resuming on Monday, most of us will have to catch up on our studying and homework that we leave for Sunday. In my case, I have to polish up on my scheduling.

Even though I am enrolled in the classes I have to take (requirements) there is always room for electives and such. One of the awesome things about Stony Brook is that there are always advisors to help you with scheduling.

Most students overlook these hard-working men and women, but believe me, they really know their stuff. They give useful suggestions and are very ‘real’ with you. Let me illustrate with a personal example: my freshman year, I was enrolled for Honors Chemistry (Che 141). During Summer Orientation, I signed up for Honors Chem (mostly because other people in my orientation group were signing up for it and I did not want to be odd one out). However, I had an uneasy feeling and on the first day of classes, I went in and asked for an advisor. At that time, most advisors were busy, so I asked to meet with whoever was available one, even if he wasn’t my designated advisor. That’s how I met David Maynard, the MOST AWESOME ADVISOR ever. He was down to Earth and he gave me real, effective advice. No heavy pep talk and unnecessary praising- he was realistic. He told me that most students who took Honors chemistry and had to juggle it with other science courses, had a tough time. So with his help, I dropped Honors Chemistry and resorted to General Chemistry  (CHE 131).

Best decision I ever made. Taking CHE 131 was less taxing and demanding. I easily got an A in CHE 131, while my counterparts struggled to get B’s in CHE 141. Now I am not discouraging student from taking CHE 141, but if you are a pre-med who is just looking to get his or her requirements done and have no real passion in the field of chemistry, then YES, CHE 141 IS NOT FOR YOU.

But the point of the story is I would not have made this decision without an advisor. Sometimes, we can’t make the best decision in terms of scheduling because we ourselves have not taken the class yet. Stony Brook advisors really know, because they have years of experience and feedback from other students. So if you are need help making schedules, or do not know what classes to add or drop, please, contact an advisor ASAP. They are there to help you. And no, is not always accurate.

Enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend.


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