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And the winner is…

by ericarunsamerica on November 7th, 2012

Hey Stony Brook!

Hopefully the gas shortage, widespread power outages, and downed trees did not keep you from hitting the polls yesterday. What a crazy time of year to hold the Presidential, local, and Congressional elections…

I’m sure that you have already heard, but if you haven’t…

The US has just reelected President Barack Obama into the White House for a second term.

No matter what your political leaning may be, we must all congratulate Mr. Obama on his win.  What an accomplishment!

Moving forward, I know that I am anxious to see what types of environmental programs, laws, and policies the President enacts during his next term.  President Obama has promised the nation renewed and strengthened attention paid to environmental problems and solutions, such as earth’s climate and renewable energy.

Let’s hope that during these next four years, our President will keep his word, buckle down, and thoroughly address such issues with more priority and force than ever before!

For the future of America, and the world at large, we need to preserve and protect our planet-let us all take responsibility and serve as stewards to the environment.  We need to let Mr. Obama know that we care and want to make a difference so that he does to.

Be heard! Have a voice!

Tell local leaders, Congress, Mr. Obama himself that we need to take better care of our earth!  Start with petitions, talk to others, drive up support for issues that you think are important:

Here’s to a better future for everyone! And best of luck to Mr. Obama.

peace. love. run.


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