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Salaam- Mera naam Ali hai (My name is Ali)

by ali on October 24th, 2012


Okay, so this is my first blog- so let me start by introducing myself. My name is Ali Syed. I am currently in my junior year. I am a double major: Biochemistry and Sociology. I am also a double minor: Adapted Aquatics (that’s right, a minor where all you do is swim) and International Studies. I am also in the Honors College and I am a proud commuter. The plan is to be a multi-billionaire but at the same time, holding an MD Degree and acting in Bollywood movies ( I am a HUGE Bollywood fanatic).

Having three years of experience at Stony Brook, I can honestly attest to the fact that Stony  Brook is AWESOME. As a geek who is always studying, Stony Brook has given me many opportunities to be involved in some things I do, which I would love to share with you.

A) Adapted Aquatics- in a nutshell, you use aqua-therapy to help people with disabilities – so I get to do something I enjoy; swimming. At the same time making a difference in the community- On top of that its a graded class that would look nice on a transcript and you get a certificate acknowledging your clinical service. The experience has opened my eyes as I have worked hand-on with patients ranging from Cerebral Palsy to Down Syndrome.

B) Student Ambassador- as a Student Ambassador, I get the chance to represent SBU at official events where past alumni or VIP guests come. Like last week, Ben Cohen, a well-known international rugby player came to SBU to speak out against bullying. The Ambassadors were invited to assist with the event (One day I hope Shahrukh Khan- if you dont know him, wiki him, his picture is under the title of this blog- is invited to SBU so I can assist with the event.)

C) Research- in essence, I research brain stem cells (also known as progenitor cells); in reality, I am dissecting brains of mice. SBU is neat in the sense that as an undergraduate you can become really involved with research. Most of SBU’s faculty and staff conducting research are very approachable. Hopefully, if you have an interest in something- don’t be shy! Approach the professor and do research. And the cool thing is, this is not limited to medical research but all sorts of things- Sociology, Psychology, Arts, History, Music, Politics, Economics, and even Dinosaurs!

Also, I mentioned I was a commuter. I am from Southern Long Island that hits the waters. I do a lot of things in my local community as well. I am an EMS service provider as a volunteer in my local ambulance company. Also, every day, my friends and I get together at the local gym and play hours of basketball. As a commuter, I get the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy activities and events at Stony Brook, while enjoying my mother’s homemade Indian food (Tandoori Naans, Seekh Kababs, and Mutton Korma are my personal favorites) at home.

The point is at Stony Brook, the possibilities are truly endless. You will find groups and organizations that do cool things that you might find interesting. And even in extreme cases, where you don’t see one, you can MAKE YOUR OWN!

Well, I hope my blog was informative and I would love to hear back from any on of you. And I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and if you didn’t enjoy reading, well hopefully enjoy the picture of Shahrukh Khan. Best of luck! And will write soon!


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