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Nothing to do on campus, eh?

by Pratha on December 4th, 2011

Hey guys,

This blog will be a little on the short side- it’s that time of year when professors feel as though they didn’t assign enough homework during the semester, and think we want more.

I’m sure you’ve heard that campi (no, it’s not “campuses”) that have a lot of commuters or just have students that go home almost every weekend are boring on the weekends, but what you haven’t heard is that there is PLENTY of stuff to do over the weekend. The only catch is: YOU have to find it. That’s the beauty of a large campus… If you want to be involved in something, you’ll become involved. If you want to find parties on campus, you will. If you don’t want anything to do with them, it’s equally easy to avoid them. Clubs and events don’t openly recruit you (except for at the student activities fair), so you need to figure out just how involved you want to be. I enjoy being able to pick and choose what clubs I want to do or how often I want to participate. You can even be voted to hold a position on the executive board of a club, it’s a lot of work but definitely worth it. Clubs are a great way to experience something outside of your academic major.

Something I wish I had known about campus life before picking colleges was that it’s not like what you see in the movies. College isn’t all about partying 24/7, or even about academics 24/7. It’s really all about balancing the fun with getting a good education for your future. You’ll find things you’re interested in, and then figure out what you like/what you don’t like.

Basically, college life is what you make of it.


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