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  • Five Tips to a Fabulous Finish with Finesse! on December 16th, 2013

    Hey Stony Brook!

    This post is geared mainly toward my fellow Seawolf Seniors (Spring Class of 2014).

    To make sure you’re NOT stressing in April, weeks before graduation, here are five handy tips I’ve learned from other students–and from my own experiences–on how to see success come Commencement Day!

    1. Check your University email and Blackboard…OFTEN.

    All too often I hear classmates complain, “WHEN did THEY tell us THAT was due?!” (“THEY” being administration and “THAT” being one or more of myriad online forms, paper documents, or other materials necessary to graduate). Many times, students neglect to check, or simply miss the important messages that pop up in their SBMailbox or on Blackboard Announcements. In these final months of your SB career, keep on top of everything! An easy way to do this is to set your SBMail (which is set up on Gmail) to forward to your personal email address. You’ll never miss another important message again!

    2.  Keep a calendar with important deadlines.

    This tip goes hand-in-hand with tip #1. Again, I recommend that you harness the incredible power of technology and keep an electronic calendar. That way, you can easily update upcoming tasks with the click of a button. Gmail and Apple both offer great electronic calendars where you can use various colors to indicate different types of tasks. This is a great way to keep track of all sorts of things, from reminding you when to return your textbook rentals to when scholarship applications are due.

    3. Update your résumé.

    Ok so nearly four years have passed since you first began your college career. Time to remove certain items from your résumé (as much as you loved scoring free slices, chances are your future employer could care less about your stint working in a pizza parlor) and add others (think exciting internships, cool jobs, and hefty research projects). You get the idea: Be your own best advocate!

    4. Set goals.

    Some keep their goals written on a “to-do” list style piece of paper. Others record their aspirations on Facebook or Twitter so others can hold them accountable to actually go after those goals. I keep a whiteboard on my bedroom wall right next to my bed so that I can write down things I think of that I want to accomplish (best ideas usually come first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night). Visually seeing your dreams get checked off is one of the best feelings in the world! Goals can be anything: be a nicer person, get healthy, win a race, ace a test, nab a job interview… Once you set your goals, get out there and get ‘em! 

    5. Immunize yourself against the dreaded SENIORITIS!

    Ok, so we’ve all been there in high school. You know, those days where you’d rather be grabbing some egg sandwiches and coffee at the deli with friends than be sitting in your morning class. Unfortunately, much of the same thing happens in college. Make it a point to keep up your GPA during senior year. It is hard, but you can do it! Go to class, and pay attention (no texting or thumb-twiddling or sleeping allowed). Your hard work and attention will pay off in the form of good grades, and can also sometimes mean academic accolades! And, chances are, your AM professor will let you eat your egg sandwich (or, if you’re a CSH alum like I am–your classic CSH Deli “egger“) and drink your coffee in class (sweet!).


    Be good eggs, Seniors ’14!

    All for now! Good luck to those taking finals this week. And, remember seniors: YOU CAN DO IT!

    peace. love. run.