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Archive for August 20th, 2013

  • Start Your Semester Early at Stony Brook University on August 20th, 2013

    As a returning student, many of us, myself included, are itching to get back on the school grind after weeks and weeks spent laying out on the beach, working our tails off in a minimum wage summer job, or just lounging around at the house watching endless marathons of Family Guy. Great news for you friends, I’ve had the pleasure of spending the entire summer out at Stony Brook and I’ve developed a nice little list of things you can get involved in on campus that can get you back at the Brook as soon as possible!

    1) THE BAND! Known as the Spirit of Stony Brook, the University’s Marching Band, founded less than a decade ago by some early, intrepid seawolves, the band moves in up to 9 days earlier than regular returning students. Spending the week practicing drill and songs to spice up the upcoming football season, band members not only have the opportunity to become more familiarized with campus, but also gain a family of 200 students all before the school year starts! Don’t know how to play an instrument? Spirit squads like the Dance Team and Cheerleaders also move in early so that they can work with Wolfie and the band as well. One of the best way to show your swagger: join the band (MUS 268 on SOLAR).

    2) On-campus jobs. Many employers on campus offer training, bonuses, and free housing for students willing to join their crew for the upcoming semester up to a week before regular move in. With jobs varying from working in one of the many dining locations on campus or the SINC sites, this is a great way to transition back into the school flow, and setup an income for fall as well!

    3) Because you want to! Moving in the day before classes start can be beyond stressful, especially if you’re from a decent few hours from Stony Brook and beyond. To cut down on the stress of leaving at midnight just to be one of the first to check in at 9 a.m., visit the campus residences website and apply for early check in! If accepted, you could find yourself kicking back at the Staller Steps on Sunday afternoon while your suitemates struggle to carry their minifridges up 3 flights of stairs.

    Whatever option you choose, all are great ways to get back and get involved on campus, and though it’s a little late to get on the first two options, it’s never too late to find a job or apply to move in early! We’d love to see you back on campus as soon as possible! :)

  • Willkommen Studenten: Back at SBU! on August 20th, 2013

    Hi everyone!  Hope your summer has been fantastic! I’ll just tell you a little about myself before I explain why I tend to sprinkle German words here or there.  My name is Caterina Reed, and I’ll be a senior this year (it’s actually really crazy when I think about it).  I’m majoring in Comparative Literature, with (3) minors in Classical Civilization, Medieval Studies, and English - basically all the fields that most people don’t think actually exist at Stony Brook.  But I’m here to tell you that anything is possible if you put your mind into it, and that you can succeed here at Stony Brook…even as a non-science major :) To learn more about the wonderful world of humanities and literature visit the Cultural Analysis & Theory department, as well as the departments of English and European Languages & Literature.

    Anyway, this past summer I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany.  I have always been in love with Greece and Rome (as a self-proclaimed Classicist), however Germany became more and more interesting to me throughout my time at Stony Brook.  I realized that most of the authors that I enjoyed (Goethe, Wedekind…) were in fact German and that there is a rich German culture that immersed itself into our own culture (wurst, beer, Bauhaus…). If you are interested in having an amazing and life-changing experience abroad in Germany, or another country, visit the Study Abroad website. To learn more about the specific program that I attended click here.  I had a great time – I enjoyed my classes and made many international friends.  I took a class in German Language and in Youth Cultures of German Literature (which was a very cool class for a Comp Lit person like me!).  Interestingly enough, all my classmates were English and Comparative Literature majors as well, but from other countries like Canada, Spain, and Austria!

    Another cool fact about my trip was that I celebrated my 21st birthday (on July 27th)!  My new friends and I walked around Weimar, ate Vietnamese food, and had amazing ice cream!  Hier ist ein Foto von meinem (erdbeere) eis!

    Ein cooles Foto von Marienkirche (sehr alt!):

    Ein cooles Video:  KleinGeldPrinzessin – Öffentlicher Nahverkehr

    Just a video about the traffic in Berlin with some awesome sites :)

    ah, und ein Foto von mir in Prenzlauer Berg (ein Stadtteil in Berlin) mit ein Kind und seine Oma:

    That’s all for now…message me with any comments/concerns/questions/etc.   Tschuss!