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  • Post-grad Life on July 4th, 2013

    So, here we are, my first summer after graduation. The post-grad life is everything I hoped it would be: trading flip-flops for flats, late night study sessions for 7am wake-up calls and facebook for Linkedin. I’m exaggerating, it really isn’t that bad. The coolest part about graduating is the respect that comes with having a bachelor’s degree. Suddenly it’s almost like my opinion is more “legitimate” than it was before, people (my mother) actually listen to what I have to say.

    In spirit of this TBT (throwback Thursday) here’s a picture of me and my best friend on graduation day:

    It’s hard to believe that picture was taken over a month ago. Between finals week, moving to a new place and starting two new jobs I haven’t really had time to process anything. Did I mention I got accepted into my grad program? I’m happy to say that I’ll be continuing my Stony Brook career this Fall when I start my Masters in Higher Education!

    My entire family is pretty excited too, maybe more than me because they love to come out to visit. They make the trip out at least once a year to tailgate at a football game and usually in the spring to just hang out. Last year my parents, siblings, two cousins, aunts, uncles and about a dozen of my friends camped out before the game to BBQ and play some ol’ cornhole.

    Secretly, I don’t think my mom is ready to admit that she’s old enough to have a daughter that graduated from college. Staying at Stony Brook eases her pain because I’m not really done with college yet. Good thing she still has my brother, the biggest Seawolf of all to keep her young. He wrote about Stony Brook in his class book:

    (in case its too small to see, the shirt in his self-portrait drawing says “Go Seawolves! Ya”)

    Summer on campus is great. The university invested in this really cool bike sharing program, Wolf Ride where you can pick up a bike at one dock, ride it to your destination and leave it at that dock. It’s AWESOME plus, its solar powered.

    I’m loving that it doesn’t get dark till 9 and that its still warm enough to be outside even later than that. They keep the lights on at the outdoor volleyball and basketball courts so there is always a pick-up game going on, even after dark. The rec center is also open and offering classes all summer!

    The post-grad life really isn’t as bleak as the adults make it seem. I guess it helps that I’m spending my time on a college campus with free outdoor movies, BBQ and craft nights.