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Archive for March 18th, 2013

  • What is the University Scholars Program? on March 18th, 2013

    Hey there everyone! I was recently notified that admissions to some of Stony Brook University’s more selective programs have gone out, and that some of you may be curious as to what these programs are. Well, I have to begin by saying that I am a member of the University Scholars Program, and must further admit that it is an opportunity that you will not regret during your time here at Stony Brook.

    So, the University Scholars Program is a program that accepts approximately the top 8% of students at Stony Brook, with an average SAT score of about 1380 and an average Grade Point Average of 96. Each year anywhere between 200 and 300 students are accepted and offers special opportunities for these students, such as priority course scheduling when it comes time to picking classes for the upcoming semester; exclusive academic advising and first-year seminar courses just for University Scholars; exclusive University Scholars events, leadership opportunities, and trips (something that has significantly increased this year!); and something new: Living with other University Scholars! All first-year students in the University Scholars program live today in the same residential building depending on the quad you are put into. So, this past year, I lived in Cardozo College (part of Roth Quad) with other University Scholars. It was an incredible experience, and we have just decided as of today to stick together for the next year!

    Headed by advisors David Maynard, Brian Colle, and Jeremy Marchese, University Scholars is dedicated to making the student experience here at Stony Brook one that is knowledgeable, engaging, worthwhile, and, above all, FUN! We are a community dedicated to our pillars, which are Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Scholarship – Students come to Stony Brook to receive the best education, and the University Scholars program encourages that, with all students being required to maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average. Leadership – The University Scholars program is comprised of the “cream of the crop,” and because of that we must present ourselves in the most professional manner and maintain that status we were dubbed with. Becoming executive board members of clubs, Undergraduate Student Government, various honor societies, etc., are the different ways in which to fulfill that honor. Service – This program is determined to make a significant difference on this campus, and beyond. We hold various outreach programs throughout the year, all of which raise money or perform a service beneficial to the community. All University Scholars members are required to attend two events on campus, either two University Scholars events, or one University Scholars event and one Undergraduate College event.

    If you had been so excited to be accepted into the University Honors or WISE programs, do not fret! We hold numerous events throughout the year, jointly, for the entire university to enjoy! Being a part of the University Scholars Program is a privilege that one should embrace with all their heart. I found so much in this program–the people, the opportunities, EVERYTHING. I hope that you will as well. If you have any questions or concerns about this program, or anything at all, please let me know! I’m here to help.

    - Steven Adelson