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Archive for March 11th, 2013

  • An SB Athletics-Filled Weekend on March 11th, 2013

    As per usual, I capped off my week last week cheering on all of my people who get their RED on on the field and the court with Stony Brook Athletics. This weekend, though, could be the biggest we’ve had so far this semester. If you’re any sort of avid sports fan, which you should be since you’re coming to debatably the most powerful school in the America East/Big South/CAA Conference, you’d know this weekend played host to the America East Men’s and Women’s Basketball Conference Championships in Albany. A win offers any school the opportunity to play in the big dance and garner all sorts of national coverage, something huge for an up-and-coming school like us. So when fan buses were announced, I obviously was on board.

    The women’s team, running on a season with ten more wins than last year had already exceeded many expectations, and lost a heartbreaker to UNH at the buzzer after an unbelievable 10 point comeback in the second half Friday night. Though we couldn’t pull through with the win, this season proved a great opportunity for me and my fellow avid Seawolves who come to every game the opportunity to get to know and connect with the team on a personal level. The sheer turnaround from one year ago will truly etch this year in all of our history books as a great season to be a Seawolf.

    After watching the heartbreaker to UNH at home, my friends and I made the conscious decision to stick around Saturday and watch the Women’s Lacrosse home opener vs. Longwood instead of taking the drive to Albany with the two fan busses packed to watch the men’s team down Bing by 23 points. And honestly, looking back, I’m glad I stuck around to watch history in Kenneth P LaValle Stadium. Being from the midwest, I’d never seen a LAX game, but after becoming close friends with the team, I figured it would be a good opportunity to watch some of my best friends on a nationally ranked team open up their home season. Right from the go, Stony Brook dominated and ended up winning 21-3, led by my good friend Claire Petersen who had 13 points and an NCAA Division 1 record 11 assists. There are no words to describe how proud I am of all of those girls as they continue having an unbelievable season.

    Sunday capped off the weekend, with Stony Brook Men’s Basketball playing at UAlbany against the Danes. I knew this would be an important game, especially since Albany would have home court advantage. At 2 p.m. the busses rolled up to the SAC loop and filled with almost a hundred students ready to show their swagger in Albany. Never attending an America East playoff game, I really had no idea what to expect, and the day proved to be a day of revelations.

    First thing I noticed when we got there early before the Vermont/UMBC game was over was the amount of students from other schools there–virtually nonexistent in comparison to the buses full of SBU students and so many who opted to drive or stay upstate for the weekend at home. It truly made me proud to watch as the bands from UVM and UMBC would cheer on each other after performing during the timeouts and just appreciating each others’ schools. It also was great to know the showing of Stony Brook students who came out as the game got started in comparison to UMBC or UVM and it was great to know our administration was so supportive of getting fan buses and students to the game to support. We really are an energetic crowd and it’s been great to watch our sheer size grow as the year’s gone on.

    Though we couldn’t pull out the win, the experience of going to Albany and knowing we will be playing in the NIT makes the loss a little easier to swallow. At the end of the day, the strides the RED Zone has taken this year and seeing young leaders emerge on the team make next year something to look forward to.

    As every weekend ends, some with wins, some with losses, it really always is great to see an even brighter future on the horizon, and it’s always great to be a Seawolf. :)