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Archive for December 9th, 2012

  • All The World’s A Stage on December 9th, 2012

    Another example of why Stony Brook is awesome!

    This past month, I had been busy with planning an event entitled, “All The World’s A Stage”- a performance competition where we invited student groups, individuals, and even professors to perform. The goal was to raise money for Stony Brook Sunrise Fund (a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with cancer here on Long Island). It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to help this organization. We were fortunate to have three amazing children perform at this event!

    Currently, I am one of the founding members and Co-President of SB SHINE (Stony Brook Student Health Initiative to Network and Educate). We wanted to make our first event spectacular and this event was our brain child. However, we did not want to do this alone. One of the great things about Stony Brook is that there are so many other clubs that are willing to help you out. We co-sponsored our event with 6 other student organizations! Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society, Hindu Students Council, Comedians Guild, Pre-Med Society, Phi Chi Epsilon, and Phi Delta Epsilon. All these groups were wonderful and contributed to our first event.

    Even with a) one week before finals b) Todd’s Orgo tutoring (which takes the Orgo students away) c) no food and d) two other big events on campus- we were still able to have an attendance of 400! We raised $1000+ and it was wonderful to see a diversity of students show up.

    We had a plethora of performance groups such as SB LIVE, SB Yuva, Stony Brook Dance Team, Cadence Step Team and many more. We were even fortunate to have some professors take their time out to appear or perform in our event: Professor O’Neal (Bio Lab), Schmidt (Microbio), Maynard (University Scholars), Miller (Journalism), Lucenko (Writing), Hemmick (Physics), and Nugent (Business). Perhaps, the greatest performers were three children from the Stony Brook Sunrise Fund who were excited that a couple hundred students were there to cheer them on and support them. I was fortunate enough to be one of the emcees of the event.

    What was amazing was that all these Stony Brook students took time out to come to this show even a week before the finals. We had a diversity of students; we were even lucky to have some Medical Students as performers and audience members. On the whole it was a memorable night and there are 2 things that I would like to mention that show how awesome Stony Brook is. One, the help we received from all the other clubs. As mentioned, one of the cool things about this event was that it was co-sponsored and each organization helped out with different aspects of the event. Some helped set up, some helped advertise, etc. We all had such a great time working together. Some members got to learn about other clubs and even joined new clubs from this co-sponsorship. A couple of my friends joined Comedian’s Guild while a couple AED members joined SB SHINE. The second aspect was the help we got from Stony Brook program advisors. I would like to make a quick shot out to Ms. Shannon Jayne and Ms. Diane Redo for making this event possible. One truly remarkable thing about Stony Brook is that even with a student body of 15,000 + kids, there are advisors here to help and make your event a success. They helped me every step of the way especially in regards to all the paperwork.

    On the whole the event was remarkable and it was a learning experience. I am sure that All the World’s a Stage will be an annual event that will continue to take place even after I graduate from Stony Brook. And with that my parting words are, that wherever you go for your Undergraduate career, try to establish something, make a difference! Work with other student groups! Appreciate your resources (Stony Brook has a lot of them)! Produce something that can endure even after you graduate! And Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Till next time!