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Archive for November 23rd, 2012

  • “Discovering” Your Minor at Stony Brook! on November 23rd, 2012

    Hey Stony Brook!

    Have you considered adding a minor?

    Minors are a great way to either refine or expand on your current major (or even allow for you to pursue something you love but completely unrelated to your major!).  Stony Brook offers more than 200 academic programs, from English to Electrical Engineering; the choices of majors and minors are virtually endless!

    Personally, I am majoring in Environmental Studies.  As I have chosen to concentrate in Environmental Journalism under this major, thus I am enrolled in an Environmental Literature and Film class during this Fall 2012 semester.  The class, a course written in the Environmental Humanities program, is fantastic.  It is taught by Professor Heidi Hutner, who also happens to be the director of the Environmental Humanities (EHM) program at Stony Brook.  Professor Hutner suggested that I add the EHM minor.  I pondered the possibility…what is Environmental Humanities? And, why should I pick up this minor?

    Studies in Environmental Humanities, I have learned, supplies students with a vast knowledge surrounding the human side of environmental studies.  The major and minor both require students to pursue a specific area of higher-level course focus; “writing, literature, and philosophy,” “social sciences,” or “applied environmental aesthetics.”  I was really surprised to learn about a required course, “Eco-aesthetics in Art,” taught by Professor Marc Fasanella, a subject very important to me, as I am an eco-artist (I repurpose/recycle materials and also strive to create “balanced” and naturally harmonious pieces of art).  I was very (happily) surprised!

    After learning about the program, I decided to add the EHM minor! It is amazing to me that such an interesting and relevant program exists that perfectly complements my major.  As a journalist, I will be studying the relationship between humans and the environment, but I will also be required to supply humans with the knowledge, questions, and answers in an efficient and effective manner, skills in which my new minor will prep me in.  I am so excited to have the opportunity here at Stony Brook to acquire the specific skills I need to successfully pursue my career in the environmental field!

    So, I urge everyone to search for a minor! You may be surprised as to how the amazing minor programs here at SBU will serve as a complement, enhance, or diversify your major.  And, if you haven’t yet decided on a major, take your time to find one that really “speaks” to you…there are so many to choose from!

    But it is certain that an appropriate and exciting program can be found for anyone at Stony Brook…all you need to do is look!

    peace. love. run.