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  • Finding Peace Amid the Chaos on November 6th, 2012

    Hey Stony Brook~

    I hope that you, your friends, and your loved ones are safe and sound after last week’s powerful storm…I have only been reconnected to “the grid” this evening, so please excuse my absence in the blogosphere!

    Hurricane Sandy was truly a “super-storm” that knocked the Northeast off its feet in such a big way, leaving millions without power, heat, and water; tens of thousands whose homes have been destroyed; and leaving many places, including Long Island, devoid of gasoline.

    During the pre-, mid-, and post-storm periods, I found people in several states of “craziness”: fighting others over generatorslooting empty and/or destroyed homes for anything useful…sitting on and scoping out the best gas stations to grab some fuel; sitting in line for hours, sometimes to no avail

    Are we in part to blame for the destruction wielded by this storm?  At a time like this, we must consider the implications of our actions, and wake up to the fact that our actions have consequences: as we emit greenhouse gases, the atmosphere retains more heat, when there is more heat, there is more melting of ice caps, when there is more liquid water on earth, there is more evaporation of greater amounts of water, and when there is more water…well, then we get dangerous weather events like this hurricane.

    However, I see hope for the future.  We can all change our lifestyles and in turn, change our world.  Let us treat the earth with care and respect so that it is more kind to us in return.  Right now, it seems as if we are stuck in a bad-karma loop with the planet…

    I see hope because, despite of the disaster and what people are enduring (no heat, no water, no power, lost homes, lost cars, lost lives, gas lines, fighting, riots), I have also seen the goodness of people: firefighters working through the night of the storm to keep members of the community safe (shout-out to Centerport FD!); utility workers leaving their families to help ours—coming from California, Michigan, Canada…all helping Long Islanders get power, working late into the night; neighbors taking in neighbors who have lost their homes; places such as YMCAs, churches, and temples providing for people who need food and shelter; even marathon runners “running” supplies to people impacted by the storm instead of running the race that they had trained and hoped for years to run in (which was cancelled)…

    I believe in Karma.  These people who are good will get good back…  But, let’s not let our lifestyles spoil it for everyone on the planet.  If we all try our bests to live healthfully, kindly, and sustainably, we are helping each other by preventing or mitigating environmental problems like this storm.

    Stay safe, and best of luck.

    peace. love. run.


    My dog exploring the post-storm wreckage...the morning after Hurricane Sandy 2012.