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  • Post-Hurricane Sandy Update! on October 31st, 2012

    Hey guys,

    Although other parts of Long Island were devastatingly hit, Stony Brook didn’t get hurt too badly in the hurricane! Basically we lost power for less than an hour, lost internet for about a half a day, and verizon wireless customers were without cell service for about a day. (I have verizon, and that was the LONGEST day ever….). There were also some trees down in the neighborhoods close-by, as well as lots of power outages in those areas. The flooding mostly happened on the Southern side of the island.

    These past few days off from classes really allowed my suite-mates and I to do some bonding, enjoy ourselves, and not think about studying! As soon as the internet was back on, the youtube-ing began, and we stumbled upon some really good finds!

    As it turns out, Stony Brook students know how to have fun and make silly videos. Here’s the videos, enjoy!

    Stony Brook University Gangnam Style from YouTube

    Stony Brook Anthem from YouTube

    I hope you guys didn’t get hit too badly!


  • REC CENTER!!! on October 26th, 2012

    As promised, I had a feeling the Rec Center would be my next post, and it is! The day after my last post, it was announced the Rec Center would open last Friday, and since last Friday, it has become my new home. With 3 floors, 3 full basketball courts, a MAC court, an entire floor of cardio equipment, an unbelievable amount of free weights, weight machines and classrooms for fitness classes, this truly has become the hot spot on campus in the mere week it’s been around. Though I am already a regular, I thought I’d stop by and get a tour of the facility for you guys to check out from one of the students who work there. The link of the video will be posted soon–Hope you enjoy!

  • Salaam- Mera naam Ali hai (My name is Ali) on October 24th, 2012


    Okay, so this is my first blog- so let me start by introducing myself. My name is Ali Syed. I am currently in my junior year. I am a double major: Biochemistry and Sociology. I am also a double minor: Adapted Aquatics (that’s right, a minor where all you do is swim) and International Studies. I am also in the Honors College and I am a proud commuter. The plan is to be a multi-billionaire but at the same time, holding an MD Degree and acting in Bollywood movies ( I am a HUGE Bollywood fanatic).

    Having three years of experience at Stony Brook, I can honestly attest to the fact that Stony  Brook is AWESOME. As a geek who is always studying, Stony Brook has given me many opportunities to be involved in some things I do, which I would love to share with you.

    A) Adapted Aquatics- in a nutshell, you use aqua-therapy to help people with disabilities – so I get to do something I enjoy; swimming. At the same time making a difference in the community- On top of that its a graded class that would look nice on a transcript and you get a certificate acknowledging your clinical service. The experience has opened my eyes as I have worked hand-on with patients ranging from Cerebral Palsy to Down Syndrome.

    B) Student Ambassador- as a Student Ambassador, I get the chance to represent SBU at official events where past alumni or VIP guests come. Like last week, Ben Cohen, a well-known international rugby player came to SBU to speak out against bullying. The Ambassadors were invited to assist with the event (One day I hope Shahrukh Khan- if you dont know him, wiki him, his picture is under the title of this blog- is invited to SBU so I can assist with the event.)

    C) Research- in essence, I research brain stem cells (also known as progenitor cells); in reality, I am dissecting brains of mice. SBU is neat in the sense that as an undergraduate you can become really involved with research. Most of SBU’s faculty and staff conducting research are very approachable. Hopefully, if you have an interest in something- don’t be shy! Approach the professor and do research. And the cool thing is, this is not limited to medical research but all sorts of things- Sociology, Psychology, Arts, History, Music, Politics, Economics, and even Dinosaurs!

    Also, I mentioned I was a commuter. I am from Southern Long Island that hits the waters. I do a lot of things in my local community as well. I am an EMS service provider as a volunteer in my local ambulance company. Also, every day, my friends and I get together at the local gym and play hours of basketball. As a commuter, I get the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy activities and events at Stony Brook, while enjoying my mother’s homemade Indian food (Tandoori Naans, Seekh Kababs, and Mutton Korma are my personal favorites) at home.

    The point is at Stony Brook, the possibilities are truly endless. You will find groups and organizations that do cool things that you might find interesting. And even in extreme cases, where you don’t see one, you can MAKE YOUR OWN!

    Well, I hope my blog was informative and I would love to hear back from any on of you. And I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and if you didn’t enjoy reading, well hopefully enjoy the picture of Shahrukh Khan. Best of luck! And will write soon!


  • The fall is here, and so is nostalgia. on October 22nd, 2012

    Hey guys,

    Sorry it’s been a while since my other post…midterms, papers, homework, crew, and election debates have been taking up a significant part of my life lately.

    I’ve been having this inkling of fall nostalgia trailing me for the past few weeks, and there are somethings I’d like to share with you guys, not just like advice coming from a college student to a high school-er, but also just like as a person.

    For me, the fall never fails to bring back memories of soccer games, SAT tests, new challenges, and basically everything that has gone on in my life. This feeling always makes me wish I could relive life when it was simple, like when I was a child and the hardest thing I had to worry about was what to play during recess. I find myself missing those days, especially right now, when I’m sitting in the Starbucks on campus “doing my lab report” while there are about 30 other students here getting their coffee fix while cramming for the big Physics test tonight.

    Over the past few weeks, just like every fall, I tend to look over the last year in my life and figure out what I’ve done to grow as a person and how I’ve become a contributing member to society. I’ve learned that getting the average grade on high school tests really wasn’t the end of the world, and the same goes for college ones. I’ve noticed that not everyone has learned time management skills before they enter college, but it is something everyone can always improve on. I’ve learned that things aren’t always in my control and I just have to go with the flow and see what happens. I’ve been trying to understand more about politics and formulate an opinion on what should happen in the next four years. I’ve learned that a smile or complement goes a long way to brighten someone else’s day.

    Looking back, one of the most rewarding things I’ve done during this past year is joining the Stony Brook Crew Team. I really love it; the good rows, the bad rows, the friends, the team drama, yeah, getting up at 4:30 isn’t ideal, but it’s all worth it. It’s from (multiple) new members of the team where I’ve learned the true impact of this blog. A few of the freshman who have joined the team have actually come up to me and said they read my blog last year or talked to me during one of the online chats. It’s really amazing to know that my involvement with the Admissions Department, although small, can make an impact.

    On a different note, regatta season has just begun and it’s a very exciting time. This past weekend, the team went up to Boston for the Head of the Charles Regatta….one of the largest and most attended regattas in the world! International teams even come to race! It’s crazy that during all of my years of living 35 minutes away from Boston, I had never heard of this regatta. Next weekend, the team is headed up to Saratoga and it’ll be awesome.

    Until next time,

  • Nuclear Dreams on October 22nd, 2012

    Hey Stony Brook~

    Here’s the latest beat from ericarunsamerica

    So I have to tell you all about a crazy dream I had this past weekend…actually it was more of a nightmare.

    A persistent, problematic plague of a dream. You know, the kind that stubbornly wedges itself in your mind, refusing to dissolve, no matter how many times you are awaken and then try to go back to a peaceful state of sleep.  Alas, I did not achieve a happy state of REM that night.

    Each time I shut my eyes, I was transported into the path of destruction.  A dark, twisting storm (not unlike last August’s Hurricane Irene that hit us here on Long Island)…

    I was in an old, ramshackle house by the LI Sound house.  The sky was an ominous, bleak grey-black.  The electricity flickered on and off.  Light.  Dark.  Light.  Dark.  And then, just darkness, as the electrons ceased flowing through stretched and severed wires.  Trees and utility poles were mutilated outside by an unrelenting gale.  Shingles ripped off the roofs of houses in my neighborhood.  Rain pounded the earth from all directions (not unlike Forrest Gump’s self-described, “rain that flew in sideways”).  I peered out a small window, watching the storm progress…

    And then, just as the storm hit its powerful climax—wind whooshing, lightning cracking, trees snapping—then BOOM! My view shifted to an aerial perspective, and I saw a huge, nuclear mushroom cloud bloom up from the earth…

    Though this was only a dream, such nuclear destruction has been and continues to remain a reality as long as humans harness the vast energy that emanates from radioactive isotopes.  Such utilization of nuclear power goes hand-in-hand with the delivery of risks to human and environmental health: radioactive leaks, explosions, meltdowns…along with other important problems: storage of waste, decommissioning plants that have reached the end of their “useful lives,” money/funding, and regulation…

    What if that dream I had was real?  Unfortunately, for many, they have experienced such a nightmare: most recently, think of all those people in Japan who saw a similar sight in March of 2011…and think of how they are living now:

    -contaminated water and food

    -homes, crops, and livelihoods destroyed

    -immediate deaths

    -irradiation, leading to mutations in DNA, and later, cancer

    -continual leakage of radiation, with no certainty as to how or when it will be stopped…

    There is no better time than now to educate yourself about nuclear power, with the Indian Point Power Plant currently up for relicensing and with the 2011 Fukushima disaster still fresh in our minds.

    Make it a priority to inform yourself and those around you about the issue of nuclear power.  For the health and longevity of humans and the environment, more attention must be paid to this topic.

    Some good Internet sources include:

    About the Indian Point relicensing:

    Additionally, this Saturday evening (October 27), at Healthy Planet’s EcoCafé (West Hills County Park, in Huntington), there will be a lecture (with snacks) featuring          Dr. Helen Caldicott speaking about “The Medical and Political Implications of Fukushima.”

    Stony Brook Professor Heidi Hutner’s SBC321 Environmental Literature and Film class will be there!  It is a fantastic opportunity to become enlightened to issues surrounding nuclear power.

    One other passion I have: Eco Art

    Consider Japanese art collective “Chim-Pom,” and their reflections on Fukushima

    This is an amazing documentary aired shortly after the 2011 disaster on PBS…and here is a piece for you to think about: (“Level7”)…

    The Chim-Pom piece is the bottom panel of this mural.

    think about it.

    peace. love. run.


  • Have you seen this? on October 17th, 2012

    Stony Brook Medicine

    Pink Glove Dance Competition 2012

    Stony Brook doctors know how to dance!  Click here to vote for SBU!

  • on October 15th, 2012

    As we reach the thick of midterm season here in this fall semester, it seems all of my activities have been falling into place as well. Though I have an exam this afternoon and one on Thursday as well, I still find myself trying out new things on campus each and every day.

    This past week was quite the exciting one, as I had a midterm Tuesday for my Sociology of Crime course, and received essays to grade for the other Sociology course I TA. So in the classroom, this semester has continued on its grind, but the TRUE highlight last week was marching down 5th Avenue in the Columbus Day Parade in the city with the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band. Never did I ever thought I would have the chance to play in front of a crowd of over one million, but that experience truly highlighted my entire experience at the Brook: unbelievable. Rumor has it, the band has been filling out applications for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the future…I can’t even begin to imagine how great that would be if we got accepted in the future.

    Unsure if I mentioned it before, but I’m on the Hall Council Executive Board in my building, and plans have continued on our annual, award-winning haunted basement, planned for later this semester, which will definitely be a fright, to say the least!

    Also, this week was my first full week as an RSP desk monitor, my new job I’ll explain in detail in a later post, and this weekend was the first weekend so far this semester that the band hasn’t had a football game (on campus or traveling) that we’ve performed at, so that opened my weekend up to catching up on some other aspects of my life I often let slip away during the school year: sleep, laundry, cleaning my room. You know, the usual.

    As the leaves turn and the sun goes down earlier and earlier each night, I often find myself heading home and thinking about the Rec Center that should be opening soon down the street, just past the Union. I can only hope my next post or two will be all about my first experience testing out the new equipment! Until then, keep showing your swagger, Seawolves! :)

  • First Post! This is probably a good time to introduce myself… on October 15th, 2012

    Hello everyone! My name is Steven Adelson. I am a freshman here at good ole Stony Brook University majoring in Biochemistry, with minors in Russian Studies and Chinese Studies! I bet you didn’t see that one coming now, did you! Well, when I first began applying to universities I really could not decide on what exactly I wanted to do with the rest of my life, seeing as though it is the rest of my life. I knew I had some sort of passion for the sciences since I was a part of the Independent Research program at my high school and had some success in my own research. But at the same time I had an incredible fascination with foreign cultures and languages. So I thought, why not keep my options open and do both? And I did just that! It is quite a bit of work, just as having any major and multiple minors would entail, but it has been exciting and I cannot wait to begin the language courses next semester so I can finally speak to many of my friends in their native language.


    Seeing as though I am one of the few, if at all, Stony Brook bloggers who is a freshman at the University, I should definitely tell you a little bit about my first impressions. To start off, I must say that STONY BROOK HAS EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATION BY A LONG-SHOT. Not only is the administration welcoming and the professors extremely helpful both during lecture and recitation sessions but during their weekly office hours as well, the incoming freshman class I am a part of is so friendly and accepting that it is impossible not to find people who you can relate to and spend hours on end with. Being a part of the Stony Brook Class of 2016 Facebook page had given me the opportunity to talk to just about everyone I was about to adventure into Stony Brook with before even getting there; I even had the opportunity to meet dozens of them before class started at organized meet-ups in the city, some of which I planned myself! So make sure you take an active role in the Class of 2017 Facebook page when it is published; introduce yourself to everyone early on, find common interests, and maybe even find some time to meet each other.


    Definitely become an active member of as many clubs and organizations that INTEREST YOU. You are in college now; There is no need to beef up your résumé with 14 different clubs, most of which you cannot stand. I am currently an active member of the Math Club (I was the President of the Math Club at my school and I absolutely loved it, which is why I am continuing here at Stony Brook), the Archery Club (something you can rarely find at any high school), CASB (Chinese Association at Stony Brook — this organization has definitely allowed me to dive right into learning more about Chinese culture. You do not need to be of any particular background to be a member of any club or organization!), and I am currently seeking opportunities in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) at Stony Brook. More information to follow on that! There are over 250 different clubs and organizations on campus that you can become a part of, and if you cannot find one of your particular interest… start one!


    Before I wrap things up, I would like to touch upon one of the times at Stony Brook during which students of all years lock themselves within the confines of their dorm rooms with books piled miles high: midterm week. The first month or so at Stony Brook is generally relaxed, with professors reviewing material that usually has been learned during high school. For this reason, people tend not to pay attention as well as they could have and because of that, when midterms come around, they begin to worry. Do not wait until the night before to study for exams! Study continuously throughout the weeks, especially after a new lecture; review the new lecture, do practice problems at the end of the textbook chapters covered, and form study groups to review material on a weekly basis. And finally… if you study well, and by well I mean to the point where you understand the material and have not shoved it all into your brain the night before, the exams will be a piece of cake! I have received solid marks on all of my exams and assignments thus far, and that is with being active in numerous clubs and organizations and going out with friends all the time. So in the end, plan your time wisely and you will do fine, both academically and socially!


    Well, I think that this is enough for one blog. I hope you found this blog welcoming and informative! In my next blog I think I will discuss dorm room and suite situations, the meal plan, and social events (FOOTBALL GAMES). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment here (I think there is that option, haha), or shoot me a message on Facebook; you should not have any trouble finding me! I was in the same situation you were just one year ago, and I must say that I am glad with how things have turned out.


    Until next time… Go Seawolves! :)


    - Steven Adelson

  • Welcome to the world of “ericarunsamerica…” on October 13th, 2012

    Hey all~

    I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself…my name is Erica Cirino, also known as “ericarunsamerica,” and I am one of SBU’s newest bloggers!

    My goal in writing this blog is primarily to update you on the latest environmental happenings: on campus, on Long Island, in the country, and all over the globe.  You don’t have to drive a Prius or wear 100% recycled cotton shirts to read my blog.  We all should take interest and keep up-to-date on the latest environmental news, as it universally impacts each aspect of our lives…

    How much did that apple you grabbed at the SAC on your way to class this morning cost?  Chances are, that juicy Gala was more expensive than the same one you bought last semester.  Why?  The answer is the environment: the mild winter of 2011 and the warmer than normal spring of 2012 caused major damage to apple crops, specifically in the midwest.  Global weather patterns are shifting, and we must investigate why, be it caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions or simply natural fluctuation in earth’s weather patterns.  Why? Because if we are changing the climate for the worst, we need to take the responsibility to mitigate our damage and assuage damage we have already created.  Why?  Think of all that the earth has given us: water to drink, air to breathe, plants and animals to eat.  The real “why” is this: Why should we destroy all of this, all of these resources not only used by us humans, but also by the flora and fauna who also inhibit the planet?  Why should we exercise our power to destroy?

    The answer is we should not.  It is necessary for all humans to enlighten themselves; to give themselves an “environmental education.”  You need not necessarily get a degree, all I am saying is that it is in the best interest of all people to learn about environmental problems and how they must make changes in their lifestyle to better their impact on the earth.  As Rachel Carson wrote in her 1962 book about the permeation of pesticides in the natural environment, Silent Spring: “Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species-man-acquired significant power to alter the nature of the world. ” It is our responsibility as humans to use our “power” for good; to preserve and protect the environment rather than destroy it.

    Well, there’s my mission in a nutshell.  Now a bit about me, ericarunsamerica

    The name: ericarunsamerica” isn’t just a name for me. It’s a mindset.  Basically, I run.  Everyday.  And when I say “everyday,” that literally means everyday.  I believe in the power of running to heal the soul and feed the spirit.  ”ericarunsamerica” means putting 100% into everything I do.  You could say that I am an “intense” person…

    The girl: So…I run.  I am passionate about nature.  I create and sell art.  I work as a personal and marketing assistant for a local landscape, design, and construction firm (working to use sustainable practices, of course).  I was raised in North Babylon and then in Lloyd Harbor, and now I hail from my new digs in Centerport, always lucky enough to be near woods and water.  I currently share my home with my mother and brother, both of whom are also artists, and both of whom I am constantly teaching about how to live in better harmony with the environment.  I would say that they are learning.  I also have an interesting menagerie of pets, as I have my whole life.  I live with an incredible animal, my Alaskan Malamute, “Foosa“: I need her as much as she needs me to feed her and take her out for walks; she is truly a special soul.

    The major: I am a Junior this fall semester at SBU.  My major is in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Environmental Journalism and Environmental Humanities.  I would love to be a journalist and writer.  I am especially interested in the economic and environmental justice issues prevalent in the topic of the environment.

    Well, anyway, that post was way long, but hey, it’s an intro for you to get a taste of the “flavor” I will be bringing to the SBU blogosphere.

    SO remember: ericarunsamerica

    peace. love. run.

    Me and the Foosa!

    PS. Here is a link to an article about the apple shortage in the US if you are interested in learning more:

  • Who am I? on October 8th, 2012

    Hi guys! My name is Eric Engoron and I am one of SBU’s new SB Bloggers. I am currently a Junior Computer Science Major/Japanese Minor with a concentration in human-computer interaction. When I’m not sitting in my room coding, I participate in Yang Hall Council , the Japanese Student Organization, the Stony Brook Robotics team, and occasionally the Stony Brook Computing Society. I also help out the Japanese department as a Japanese tutor.

    I look forward to making blog posts this semester and I hope I can enrich your life in some way, shape, or form.

    Until next time,